In 1994, my father was involved in a fatal car accident and he died on the spot while I was still a student in the University. My mother later died few years after my dad passes away. My world fell apart and my family support system unexpectedly crumbled. I am the oldest child among six siblings.

This tragic and life changing experience was the turning point for me and the beginning of a new chapter in my life. Life became very hard for me and my family. I shoulder the responsibilities for my family as the oldest child. I experienced rejection and abandonment from my parent’s friends and relatives.

I learnt through this experience to trust and depend on God for everything. God allowed my experience to give birth to my purpose in life which is to HELP THE HELPLESS in the society.

In 2008, my wife, Favor Wazota Agbu and I, Mathias Luka Agbu founded the Luka Agbu Memorial Foundation which is named in memory of my late father Rev. Luka D. Agbu as a platform to fulfill this heavenly Vision.


The primary and paramount aim of the Foundation is to support orphans and other vulnerable children by providing school fees and instructional/learning materials needed for an engaging educational experience. The Foundation has since grown beyond scholarship support; it is now also engaged in capacity development of the youths, career guidance, leadership development programs for the youth and other community leaders in several ways.

The orphaned child who has lost the love and protection of both a mother and a father is one of the most vulnerable members of our society. Because of the hardships they have experienced and the conditions in which they live, they have developed a feeling that fate has doomed them to a life of poverty and hopelessness.

We recognize that in a world where everything revolves around money, too many talented and motivated underprivileged students are cheated out of a quality education because of their families’ inability to meet the financial obligations of sending a child to school. As such, the child is denied the opportunity to compete on a national or global level for employment opportunities and/or social and political involvement.

We believe that every child be given opportunity to succeed and that education can leverage significant improvements in the lives of orphans and the underprivileged children by conferring knowledge and life skills.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Our Vision is to see Young people use their gifts to fulfill their God-given purpose and make society better.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide opportunities and resources for the vulnerable children through education and also empower talented young people with life.