Bitrus G. Hannatu

I am an orphan. My father died 2013. My mother is still alive. She is a civil servant. We are six (6) in number. As a single mother, taking care of our needs was not easy for her. She provides our basic needs; food, clothing, medical care and education.

I was in JSS1 when my father died. Since his death, things were not working well for us. Paying my school fees was a challenge. It happened that after my JSS 3 it look as if I may not be able to further my school, then one day my mother heard about the Luka Agbu Memorial Foundation and brought me to the office, as we went to the office, my mother explained her challenges with paying my school fees.

The Foundation accepted me and offered me scholarship. From there I was taken to register for SS1, I am now in SS2.

My dream is to become a medical doctor. I am happy for the scholarship the foundation offered me. I am now certain that I can study to become a Medical doctor and even treat those that are sick.

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