Christy Mai-Anfani Angyu

I am an orphan. My both parent are late. I lost my parent while I was still very little. I live with my grandmother who has been the one taking care of me. She stood by me and always strives to provide, for my needs.

After my primary school, I gained admission into JSS1, but after a year, she could not afford my school fee as she was not financially buoyant. I was introduced to the Luka Agbu Memorial Foundation and after I presented my challenges, the foundation accepted me and offered me scholarship. The foundation has being my sponsor from JSS2 till now that I am currently in SS2.

My dream is to become a Pharmacist. The foundation offering me scholarship is a great opportunity for me to actualize my dream.

I am thankful to God and the foundation for the opportunity offered to me to acquire education. My prayer is that god will bless the foundation.

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