David Aboki

I am an orphan, my father died while I was still a little child, and my mother died a few years later. My father died a s a retired military officer. After the death of my both parents, I have no idea who or where my parent relations are or were. My father’s relation worked for me and took me in, my uncle and his wife cared for me as though I were her own biological child.

They train me through primary school. They have six children who are their own biological children and three of us whom the trained. We are all nine (9) in number. That they take care of. After a while, the burden was becoming too much for them to bear. They provide us with food, clothing, and education.

In this period, we came across the Luka Agbu Memorial Foundation and I was accepted and offered admission. My ambition in life is to become a biologist and I see myself becoming that because I have been trying my best in studies and God has been helping me.

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