Elizabeth Danlami

I am an orphan. My father died 2006, but my mother is still alive. When my father died, I was taken to an orphanage school where I did my primary school. The woman who was in charge of the orphanage offered to help me through my primary school education as my mother was not able to train me in school. She was just a peasant farmer. She farm to provide food for me and my siblings. She strives through hardships to ensure that she support the six of us through education but as a single mother she was unable after my primary school we came across the Luka Agbu Memorial Foundation and we were accepted. The foundation took me to the secondary school where I am now. The foundation started paying my school fee starting from the JSS1 to this moment that I am in JSS2.

I consider the help from the Luka Agbu Memorial Foundation is an opportunity to acquire education like every other children. This scholarship is really a great help that offer me hope of fulfilling my destiny.

My desire is to become a nurse and I am confident that my dream will come to reality with the support from the foundation. I am grateful to God and to the foundation for offering me a hope.

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