Martha Hosea

I am and orphan. My father died since 2010,my mother is still alive. I live with my mother. She is a peasant farmer. As a single mother, to sponsoring me in school to acquire education was challenging. She struggle always to provide for my siblings and me. We are six (6) in number.

After my primary school, my mother took me to secondary school where I schooled from JSS1-JSS2 but while in JSS2 she was finding it hard to pay my school fees. As feeding, was becoming a challenge to us.

At this period, we heard of the Luka Agbu Memorial Foundation, my mother brought me and the foundation accepted me.

The foundation started paying my school fees from JSS2 till now that I am in SS1. Getting scholarship from the foundation gave me a hope of becoming great in life.

My ambition is to become an Accountant, and I am thankful to God for Luka Agbu Memorial Foundation because I will achieve my dream.

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