Matakhitswen Adda

I am an orphan. My father is late, but my mother is still alive. She is a petty trader; she sales traditional black soap. She gave birth to eight (8) of us before our father died.


After my primary school, I have no money to further my studies to secondary school. There is no hope because of lack of money. My mother heard of The Luka Agbu Memorial Foundation and brought along with her to the foundation, they offered me scholarship. I was taken to school and I was admitted into JSS 1 to start school immediately and now am in JSS2.if not for the intervention of the foundation I don’t know if I would be in school today.


My dream is to become a teacher, to train others and to help them achieve their dreams too. I am happy LAMF has offered me the hope to become what I want to become in life.

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