Naomi Danlami

I am an orphan. I lost my parents. My father died 2012 and my mother died in 2013. After the death of my parents, I was with my elder sister. I was in JSS1 when I lost my parents. In that moment, my hope of gaining education was at the brim of being shattered. I had no one to sponsor me in school.

My grandmother whom I now live with also has no mean of sponsoring me through school. It was at this point that we got to hear about the Luka Agbu Memorial Foundation scholarship scheme. I came to the office and after narrating and telling the staff my challenges; I was accepted and offered scholarship. The foundation has been paying my school fees starting from JSS2 till now that I am in SS2.

I consider the scholarship as an opportunity for me to acquire education like any other children. My dream is to become an accountant. This made me consider this scholarship as privilege for me to actualise my dream. I am very confident that with the foundation scholarship I will fulfil greater destiny.

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