Praise-GOD David

I am an orphan. My father is late, he died while I was still a little baby. Specifically six(6) months old. I was born 9th June, 2001.

I attended Zondoku primary school in Zondoku village of Wukari. But I was later transferred to Jenkabi Nursery and Primary school Wukari. From there I proceeded to Dominion College International.

My Aunt Bandekaji Elizabeth has been my sponsor right from the beginning. She sponsored me throughout primary school and through JSS1- JSS3. She became financially incapacitated to sponsor me in school as she further her own studies.

My mother on the other hand does petty jobs to provide food for my sisters and me. We became very worried as there was no means to sponsor me to further my education. My elder sister who was staying with an uncle finished her secondary school and was sent to my mother as my uncle complained he has no money to sponsor her for further studies.

While all hope seems lost that we were introduced to Luka Agbu Memorial Foundation. My mother brought me to the foundation to seek help. We gained acceptance into the scholarship scheme, which I am now a beneficiary.

My dream has been to become a medical doctor. My desire and passion is to help the sick by providing treatment and to help them live healthy lives.

I was losing hope during that period of challenges but my hope and dream was restored when Luka Agbu Memorial foundation offered to sponsor me in school. I am happy that I can study to become a medical doctor.

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