I was born in the year 1999 . Before my primary education, my father study Chemistry on finishing study he became sick and die. He died in the year 2003 and the person who looked after me is my aunty by name Halima Bala. She also died mysteriously in the year 2009.The next person that looked after me again is Ahmadu Bala.

My father’s death brings a lot of sorrow and pain to me in senses that it became difficult for me to  pay my  fees. I first primary school attended is Ebenezer Primary School. After primary I enrolled into central Government school.

Before I continue in Secondary School, my Guardian was not able to register me in JSS one in Central. I spend the whole of first term in the farm pealing cassava. After all the work I was able to be registered in school the second term in Central secondary school. Since I enrolled in secondary school I have been maintaining first and second position. Because of my outstanding performance, make the management to reason with my situation.

Since JSS two second term, I was unable to pay my school fees till date. Now I am in SS one. That is why I am seeking for help.

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