Sheba Sabo and Grace Sabo

I am an orphan, my father died while I was still a little child, and my mother died a few years later. My father died a s a retired military officer. After the death of my both parents, I have no idea who or where my parent relations are or were. My father’s relation worked for me and took me in, my uncle and his wife cared for me as though I were her own biological child.

My name is Sheba Sabo, we are orphans, we have three (3) siblings, and our mother is still alive. Our parents are from Kaduna state, we are Numana by tribe, but our parent lives here in Wukari.

Since our father died, our mother was the only person taking care of us. She is a teacher, though her teaching job she takes care of our feeding, clothing, education, and medical care. She trained our elder ones through primary and secondary school but after that, she was having difficulties with finance that training my younger sister and me was a real challenge.

Our mother because of her desire for us to gain education secured admission for me later my younger sister in secondary school. She strives at all cost to ensure that she pays our fees.

But it happened that her strength could not carry her desire for us to gain education. She became so worried that our choices of gaining education were at stake. We advised her to contact our uncles, but even as she did, none of them comes to our aid.

A neighbour who saw what our mother was passing through came to her one day and told her about the Luka Agbu Memorial Foundation. She brought us and after explaining our situation, we were offered scholarship.

I desire to study physiology and for me, Ruth my desire, and ambition is to become a medical Doctor.

With the scholarship under the Luka Agbu Memorial Foundation we are trusting God to making our dream a reality. Our prayer is that God’s protection will guide and keep the Foundation and bless the founder core-founder w hope to grow up to help others also in need in Jesus name. SHEBA SABO AND GRACE SABO

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