United for Peace Soccer Tournament

Sport is a peace maker. Every community worldwide loves sports. And soccer in my community is a gel that bring people together, diffuse tensions and create a people of one mind and one purpose. My community suffered several years of communal crisis, where neighbors are killing neighbors, brothers killing each other because of religious differences. United for peace was birth after my visit to my home town in 2014, and seeing first-hand the devastation these crises had brought to my community, and the sense of tension and segregation that enveloped my community, I thought something has to be done, and so united for Peace Soccer Tournament held her first annual tournament in November through December 18th, 2016.


Ways you can help:

  • Sponsor a tournament
  • Sponsor teams jersey
  • Buy soccer balls
  • Buy soccer gears (sheen guards, soccer socks)
  • Soccer cleats
  • Track suit for officials and referees,
  • Medals and trophies for tournament
  • Soccer backpacks
  • Water bottles etc.

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